Video: Nobody Can Figure Out Frightened Kitten’s Problem – 10-Year-Old Boy Solves It In Seconds

Every time a tiny kitten named Ariel wouldn’t quit yelling, nobody could figure out why. The experts in the shelter couldn’t stop the poor little thing from crying and yelling. And the kitty was in great health, too.

What was wrong? And how can they get the small tyke to repay?

Nobody Can Figure Out Frightened Kitten’s Problem - 10-Year-Old Boy Solves It In Seconds

Well, perhaps they just needed someone with a magical touch… and we all know that kids have magic in their hands!Kelli Gross is an avid rescuer and foster mother who’s taken in over 100 kittens, so she is no stranger to felines in distress.So when she heard about Ariel, she quickly drove into the shelter to choose her up. Another adorable kitten to save and foster!

She brought her 10-year-old son Zack with her, too … and it’s a good thing she did.

Because when Kelli and Zack came to pick up Ariel, they noticed the frightened kitten crying. She was distraught; no one can get her to stop.

Then something amazing happened:

“…but when Zack picked her up, everything changed.

‘She was going crazy and wouldn’t settle down,” Kelli remembers.

Then Zack’s quiet voice and gentle touch convinced the little kitten that she was safe and everything was going to be alright.”

The 10-year-old boy’s magic touch was just the ticket. Ariel never made a noise after Zack picked her up, and stayed quiet the whole trip home. Said Kelli:

“He put a blanket down in his lap and bundled her up.

She was sound asleep and didn’t make a peep during the whole 30-minute car ride home.”

As it turns out, Zack’s connection with kittens extends beyond Ariel. He just appears to understand them, and they understand him.

“He has a routine of waking up and telling them good morning every day before school and then coming and kissing every single one goodnight before bed.

He makes sure that they all feel included.


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