Lobster roll potato chips: Here’s Lay’s tribute to New England cuisine

This shouldn’t even be a surprise.

It’s hardly the first time that Lay’s has paid tribute to beloved local foods in the United States. And the chipmaker even tried out the idea in the town of Sandwich in 2015. But now it’s part of a national campaign.

Yes, lobster roll-flavored potato chips.

Lay’s announced Wednesday that it’s introducing eight new regionally-inspired flavors that “represent distinctive tastes from across the country” for its new “Tastes of America” program this summer. According to the company, each of the eight flavors will be available at retail stores in their respective markets from July 30 through September 23

“Lay’s knows how significant local cuisine is to Americans,” Sarah Guzman, senior director of marketing of Lay’s, said in a press release. “From Fried Pickles with Ranch in the Midwest, to Deep Dish Pizza in the Heartland or Cajun Spice in the Central Gulf, we wanted to honor the beloved flavors that remind our fans of home by making ‘Tastes of America’ our biggest flavor launch yet.”

Of course, the flavor that Lay’s chose for Northeast was the lobster roll, which the brand describes as “a taste of fresh lobster served on a buttery grilled roll.” It’s unclear whether it’s inspired by the hot or cold version.

“It’s wicked good!” the company says.

Maybe so, but a few USA Today staffers who taste-tested the new chips were less than impressed with the New England-inspired iteration.

As part of a nationwide tour promoting the eight new flavors, Lay’s plans to host a “flavor celebration” of the lobster roll-flavored chips at the inimitable Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland — as if we didn’t already have enough to consider.


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